Entry #6

Who's the dominating race afterall?

2008-02-28 14:21:55 by OPIUMSKUM

female world leaders currently in power:

ireland president Mary McAleese

new zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark

finland President Tarja Halonen

Philippines President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo

mozambique Prime Minister Luisa Diogo

germany Chancellor Angela Merkel

liberia President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf

chile President Michelle Bachelet

Switzerland President Micheline Calmy-Rey

India President Pratibha Patil

monarchial vice-regal leaders:

UK - Queen Elizabeth II

Denmark - Queen Margrethe II

the netherlands - Queen Beatrix

Canada - Governor General Michealle Jean

St. Luca - Governor General Dame Perlette Louisy

Antigua and Barbuda - Governor General Lady Louise Lake-Tack

Past female leaders:

Cleopatra - queen of Egypt

Queen Elizabeth the 1st - england

Sirivamo Bandaranaike of Sri Lanka became the world's first female elected prime minister in 1960

Isabel Perón of Argentina became the first female president in 1974

Khertek Amyrbitovna head of state of Tannu Tuva

Sühbaataryn Yanjmaa president of mongolia

Pharaoh Meritneith of Egypt - around 2952 bc

Queen Khamerernebti II of Egypt - 2530 bc

Queen Hypsipyle of Lemnos(greece) - before 512 bc


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2008-02-28 14:26:40

Now we know . . . or do we? O_o This is just a long list of famous people.

OPIUMSKUM responds:

Long list of female leaders. Not "famous people" when we think of famous people, we think of paris hilton, and that bitch hasn't done much for this country besides lay on her back and drink hard liquor.

This is a list of respectable women, proving that us men are not the only ones who can lead, and aren't the "superior sex" whatever the fuck that stupid shit means.


2008-02-28 16:10:34

did it also mention the only power they have is to clean?

OPIUMSKUM responds:

Pure, american bread sexism. Gotta love it.


2008-02-28 17:41:07

Don't forget the fact that men have served about 100x that many governmental positions.

OPIUMSKUM responds:

Who gives a fuck?


2008-02-28 18:30:26

Dont worry, all them bastards will be run into the ground eventually.

OPIUMSKUM responds:

Huh? I'm a male, y'know? I just think that the whole "this sex is greater than that sex" thing is retarded. Yes, half the population is mentally retarded for thinking so. :)


2008-03-22 04:08:19

Waaaaah! Female invasion!! :U


2008-06-11 07:05:46

How could you forget Margaret Thatcher, the first female Prime Minister of the United Kingdom?


2008-07-16 14:34:00

Hey i have a some news u knew that isabel peron worked on a "bad reputation bar" when she mets peron??? hehehehe