NG's pros, and cons

2008-02-24 22:38:37 by OPIUMSKUM

Got the idea for this from a post I made on the bbs, imo, these are the pros and cons of NG:

NG is a popular website, it has an automated submission and blamming system, it was one of the first popular flash portals on the web, and is the most copied site when it comes to it's portal system. It dominates all other flash ortals on the web, it's only equal contendor being It's system practically runs itself and makes the jobs of the staff, all the more easier, but deep within this seemlessly great exterior lies a fatal flaw. This flaw stems from the same wonderful display of programming that contributed to it's success.

Tom Fulp no longer needs to run the website himself, he and Wade post updates, run events, and fix bugs, but they let mods do the work of monitoring audio submissions, the forum, and flash submissions. They, at least according to what I've examined, don't really look into how the mods are modding the portal and forums. Thus, they try to choose the most trustworthy and capable people.(badmaninc. was recently promoted to audio mod and is doing an excellent job)

When a submission gets voted high enough, to escape ban, it is not deleted. This is where the flaw comes into play. My theory is that, mods do not monitor or review submissions enough.(with the exception of the audio portal, which has always remained fairly swell from what I've examined) They let the system do most of the work. As such, when a submission gets high enough to escape ban, it isn't deleted, REGARDLESS OF WHETHER IT IS OF GOOD QUALITY.

This is the big problem of NG. Anyone can abuse the rating system, and this explains why there are loads of shitty submissions allowed to exist on the website., the most popular and one of the very first portals on the web, monitors the submissions, and has a rating system just like NG. But, unlike NG, if you notice, no poor quality animations are to be found. None. Why is this?

Next, we have the forum:

Indeed, if one were to ignore the forum, NG would appear to be near perfect. However, if we look at the forum, it has been allowed to turn into a steaming pile of shit. There are only on average, 2 productive discussions per month. The rest is a bunch of random topics that are cloned and repeated every week.(count it: EVERY WEEK) The members are allowed to spam and post sexist, racist, homophobic, anti-islamic, and anti-semetic comments, without so much as a warning.

The forum has been raided long ago by /b/ and 4chan retards. Comments include jokes containing heavy use of the N word, "rape her" comments, non-sensical jokes such as "barel roll", and "shoop da woop". Posting spam images, images of the aforementioned shoop da woop(an exaggerated cartoon interpretation of a black man with overly exagerrated features such as giant lips, shooting a lazer out of his mouth), insensitive posts and jokes. There is no original post or thread made, everything contributed on the forum is some repeat or rehashing of an argument that occured a week ago.

The forum is predominantly made up of 13 year olds, or people who act like 13 year olds, even though the site has an age restriction of 18 years of age.(or, in reality, 17 years of age, because lets face it, not many people over 18 can stand one min. on the forum)

It is not monitored and only a select few that are just bad enough, get deleted. While those that rehash old ideas, and spam the place up with non-sensical jibber jabber are allowed to occur.

This leads me to believe that:

the forums are severely neglected, the portal is severely abused, and people get all their friends to vote 5 on their submissions, so a majority of crappy submissions survive blamming, and the portal mods let these submissions go, because they have high enough ratings.

The only thing that is sufficiently monitored and for the most part free of spam is the audio portal. But then again, the audio portal has always been less about the highest quality submissions(tho most are fairly high quality, kudos to those skilled musicians on the site!), and more about people sharing their submissions in hopes of getting critique and advice on how to improve, thus it is the most positive aspect of the website.

This is just my theory on how NG became more of a cash cow to be milked for money, than a website completely dedicated to quality flash submissions.(there are a good number of high quality submissions, don't get me wrong, but NG is far from being COMPLETELY dedicated to quality submissions.)

Hope you enjoyed my insight on things. Lemme know what you think.


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2008-02-26 02:26:28

I actually read it all and I completly agree.