Got a new guitar!

2007-07-20 01:50:44 by OPIUMSKUM

It's a squire Fender. :)


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2007-07-20 22:45:24

Lol, those suck.

They're ok for starting though, I guess.


2007-09-06 11:21:49



2008-01-25 03:44:12

they're not that bad man it's just that they are
common i have a telecaster i don't
like how it looks but it gets the job
done hehe

OPIUMSKUM responds:

I really only care about the sound/playability of an instrument as apposed to whether or not some stranger down the street owns one. This is a good guitar to start out on, and is great for jazz and such, but for metal, it's not exactly the best. Capable, but not the best.